Santiniketan Sebaniketan Nursing Institute


Seminars, Workshops and Visits

Presentations, interactions with elites of different field & disciplines and socialization have its own impact on the shaping and grooming of the future leaden. College is laying Importance on this aspect and ensuring that each student is given an opportunity to prepare projects, present papers, write visit reports etc. Interaction will eminent personalities are also organized to broaden the vision of students. Indirect effect of such Interaction’s will Improve the marketability of own product and better placement

Clinical Training

The students are required to be in the clinical area for six to eight hours every day during the week, according to the course planning. Selected field trips will be arranged to different community agencies as per course plan. The clinical practice is given at well equipped hospitals with all advanced facilities and specialties covering all departments like medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics at 100 bedded nursing home named Santiniketan sebaniketan nursing home and Bolpur sub-divisional hospital, Sian.

Rural Health Development

For community health nursing, the college has affiliation with Urban and Rural Public Health Centers. Important tie - ups have been done with various welfare societies and some villages are also adopted by the management of the college. To fulfill the need of medical assistance in acute areas special outdoor visits and camps are arranged by the college. These activities are managed by a social welfare club made by the students of the college. The services provided by the club to these areas are extremely free of cost.

Milk Pasteurization Project

Water Purification Plant