About Us

About Us

Santiniketan Sebaniketan Nursing Institute is the Institute that has been raised and runs on the objectives of honesty & transparency in both the sectors of Education and Healthcare. Teaching our students to be the pioneers of the healthcare industry, we ensure each of them undergoes through extensive & rigorous training so that their performance lives up to the name of our institution.

The Institution is built on a sprawling campus in Bolpur, where every amenity that facilitates a studious environment is looked after. The board offers stellar guidance as the students pursue about different courses under one roof under the supervision of a talented team of faculty members.

Now a days, numerous number of medical training institutes associated with healthcare services has been established all over Indian Continent. But few of them can claim themselves as best since they provide extensive knowledge in this field of education. We, namely “Santiniketan Sebaniketan Nursing Training Institute” claim ourselves best in class since we are equipped with Trainers with diversified knowledge associated with proper ethical values in Medical Field. Apart from the aforesaid, experts from highly reputed corporate Healthcare services are there to equip students with extensive knowledge with Proper practical aspects. The way of teaching a student receive is completely unique which proves to be real scenario based. Within a few time span after enrolling, one learns to conduct multiple medical tests flawlessly with skilful precision.


Nursing is a program introduced for helping students to discover, practice and implement the best health procedures for the betterment of people.

Dedication of students in future to serve the sick, needy and even downtrodden section of people, with responsibility, greater skills, competency and being morally sensitive for the betterment of their health will be ascertained with the best utilisation of our course.




To grow a pattern of teaching for undergraduate and postgraduate nursing education

Facilitate high quality practical knowledge in all branches of nursing with superior demonstration

Help students to achieve self adequacy in graduate, postgraduate and G.N.M in medical education.

Stay connected with our nursing institution and submit your application to study with us. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.